Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Mantle

Most days, I think "I should post that on my blog" or "I should write about that" or something, but most days, my life is so full and busy that I never get back here to actually do it. So today is just a quick post to show off my Halloween mantle.

I have gotten really into mantle decorating since we have been in this house. It's fun to have a small "manageable" space to decorate and just sort of pile up with things that make you smile. Plus, I totally re-finished this fireplace after we moved in and it just looks so much better that I love making it a focal point. I hope to share some of the birthday mantlescapes and others I have done as well. In fact, I really want to show off some before and after shots of what this entire room used to look like...and what it looks like now, but first I will have to get over the fact that I NEVER feel like I am done.(meaning, I never feel like I am ready to share photos...) In this room, we have done quite a bit, but between this room and the kitchen (The entire back half of the main floor) there is still the most to be done...moulding, light fixtures, cabinets.... Maybe I will get some photos sized down and pop them up here this fall just to show the progress. Even though I am no decorator and the house is far from perfect, it is WAAAAAYYYY better than what we started with. It is a work in progress, like everything else. (I'm actually ready to paint again, but don't tell my husband. LOL)

Anyway, I am already out of time, so I will just post the Halloween mantle for today. Enjoy!

By the way, there are so many things to love in this house, but the lighting is not one of them. The only room that gets any natural light to speak of is the Master Bedroom, which is not exactly the place I hang my Halloween decorations, so bear with me. It's not as bad in person. (if you are like a cave-dweller or something.)

Enjoy your day!

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Baby Sister said...

Oh, I like it!! I'm excited to one day have a spot where I can decorate for seasons. :) Birthday mantles are a good idea!! I'll have to keep that one in the back of my mind.

thistlewoodfarm said...

You are hilarious! This sounds like the post I am always writing, too. :)

Happy day!